Two weeks down, one week to go.

Only one week of school craziness to go before the university assignment craziness begins again! I know what I prefer! It is so much better being able to be in a school and learning practical things then sitting in a lecture theatre taking notes and not being able to actually see everything come into place.

I was reading Nicole Henke’s blog post about WALT and WILF and I must admit, when I was first told about this type of explicit teaching I was scratching my head as well. Unlike Nicole though, my school also has a T.I.B section as well. Before every lesson we are encouraged to introduce WALT, WILF and TIB. Not knowing these, I quickly did some research and stumbled across this really useful website. It was so handy, and now I try and use these teaching methods every time I start a lesson so students know what is expected of them, and why it is important to know the information they are going to learn.


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